Julie Wolfe, Wildfires and Dreamfields - VIDEO


Created in conjunction with the Julie Wolfe exhibition at HEMPHILL, this video surveys the suite of five prints on display in the gallery and explores the artist's process of creating the limited edition Artist Book, Wildfires and Dreamfields.  
In Wildfires and Dreamfields, Julie Wolfe both physically and figuratively deconstructs her own book published in 2019 to superimpose images that probe the power of the subconscious at a new level of intensity and unrest. This investigation depends on the “double exposure” of screen printing to reveal vivid vignettes recalling our wildest dreams and our strangest visions. Wolfe honors the surreal cinema of our subconscious as an endless source of intrigue as we attempt to adapt and understand our collective existence. 
Artist: Julie Wolfe
Copyright: Visual: HEMPHILL Artworks, Music: Ledah Finck 2020
Photography & Video Footage: Julie Wolfe
Video Editing: Hannah Davis
Music: The Hands & Cambium Composed by Ledah Finck 
Performed by Ledah Finck and Nick Saia