Julie Wolfe, Opposing Forces - VIDEO

Please enjoy this short video detailing the conception and evolution of Julie Wolfe's new series, Opposing Forces. Created during the isolation period of COVID-19, Opposing Forces asks questions without fixed answers. Wolfe reassembles the building blocks of geometry, mathematics, color theory and perception to probe us, provoke us, and propose that images can teach us about ourselves in ways that words cannot. How do we un-think color or form? What compels us, chaos or order? Are we innately drawn to one or the other and, if so, what does that say about us as we chart our experiences and reactions in the face of uncertainty?

Opposing Forces
acrylic and ink on found book page
13 1/4" x 19 1/2" each

All artwork © Julie Wolfe
Photography: Julie Wolfe, Olivia Zvara
Editing: Olivia Zvara