Everything became nearness and all the nearness turned to stone.

Rivulets of abstract color, often vivid blues and greens, are punctuated by precise imagery in Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi’s painting and mixed-media work. The Tehran-born local artist’s show at Hemphill Fine Arts includes details derived from Iranian manuscripts and architecture, notably gilded gates and blue-and-white floor tiles. One piece is a pile of shattered tiles, signifying both personal and cultural loss.

Ilchi shows often in the area, but this impressive survey introduces some new wrinkles. A series of diptychs employs muddier, earthier hues that partly submerge outline maps of the Middle East. A series of paintings clusters blue-green leaf forms on fiery backdrops. The leaves echo the tree shapes in the show’s largest painting, a 10-foot-wide deluge of color that suggests a flood of memories.