ART TALKS: Steven Cushner & Jay Krueger

Gallery Talk at HEMPHILL Artworks
April 27, 2024
11 am - 12:30 pm

Please join us on Saturday, April 27, 2024, the final day of STEVEN CUSHNER, for a gallery talk with the artist and painting conservator, Jay Krueger. 

Technological progress runs parallel to art, one influencing the other. From the Fayum encaustic portrait adorning Egyptian mummies, to the earliest oil paintings from 650 AD in Afghanistan's caves, to the development of acrylic paints, to the Switzer brothers' creation of dayglo pigments, painting has remained the most persistent form of art making. Within its technical evolution, painting reflects our preoccupations with advancement. Knowledge of the chemical behavior of paint and the archival character of the medium adds to the meaning of artworks today, and as painting passes through time into the future. 

Reversing the conversational direction of the typical artist talk, rather than posing questions to the artist, Steven Cushner will pose questions specific to the paint composition and techniques of his work to Jay Krueger (Head of Painting Conservation, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC) as well as addressing dilemmas confronted by conservators throughout the history of painting. 

The discussion between Cushner and Krueger is sure to attract a working artist-audience. If you are not an artist, you will find the insider conversation fascinating. 

Space is limited.

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This talk coincides with the exhibition, STEVEN CUSHNER, on view at HEMPHILL through April 27, 2024. Since 1998, the ART TALKS series at Hemphill has included educational lectures on topics such as collecting for beginners, artist talks, and panel discussions on issues in contemporary art.