Alma Thomas: Thirteen Studies for Paintings 
October 11 – December 20, 2014 

Many viewers tend to see Alma Thomas as having worked intuitively, like the Abstract Expressionists who preceded her, or as a colorist among her contemporaries in the Color Field movement. There is no doubt that her dabs and dashes of bright color may suggest she was unconcerned with issues and concepts. 

The preparatory works in Thirteen Studies for Paintings reveal the thoroughly strategic planning behind Thomas’s work. Often, multiple sheets of paper are taped or pinned together with notations in the margins and on the reverse, allowing us to feel Thomas’ process of thinking through a painting’s structure. Thirteen Studies for Paintings is a vibrant display of the artist at the height of her aesthetic and intellectual powers.

Image: Untitled, c. 1966, acrylic on paper, 24" x 24"