April 11 - May 30, 2015 

One returns to the intensity and the detail of nature because it nourishes, because it fills one with feelings of the hidden forces within nature. Steven Cushner returns to painting again and again in pursuit of a natural consciousness intensified through the act of painting. Painting for a sense of natural being, his brush strokes, colored spaces, and accumulated patterns coalesce like well written sentences. As water running through grass, as a plant bursting through the dirt, like the perfect swing of a baseball bat, like the pitching of a boat to and fro in the tide, Cushner’s paintings speak in their own innate language. The key to this language lies not in seeing, but in witnessing his work as the result of a highly disciplined performance, a methodical performance fully accepting of incident, producing imagery reflective of the natural inclination of things in the world. The work is somehow both graphically descriptive and abstract, and as simple and complex as Newton’s apple falling from a tree. That said, it is clear Cushner’s paintings are about painting, they do not represent. Each is evidence of an effort for paint to become as possessed as possible by the small and large forces that guide the natural world. So we return to Cushner - this, our tenth show - the way one makes time to garden, or idle along a riverside, or hike a path through the woods, to be nourished by hidden forces.  

Steven Cushner is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and received his Master of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Maryland in 1980. His work is included in numerous private and public collections, including the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC, the CityCenter Collection, the District of Columbia, Wilson Building Art Collection and others.

Image: Steven Cushner, Reverb, 2009, 21 3/4” x 29 1/2”