JULIE WOLFE: Language of the Birds 
May 14 - June 30, 2016 

Over the past eight years Julie Wolfe has pushed the boundaries of her creativity, adding politically relevant content and intensifying the impact of her work. She has taken on ever more ambitious installation projects, produced environmental and collaborative work outside of the studio, and has been awarded significant commissions. These measures of ambition and success do not define her career. She aims further. Her objectives move outward, addressing the fundamental cycles of life, the drama of containment and release, and engaging in the complexity of Gaian environmental issues. A single gallery exhibition can only hint at an artist’s power. Yet each one does serve to predict where she is headed. We could not be more excited to see where Julie Wolfe will take us.

Language of the Birds is Julie Wolfe’s third exhibition at HEMPHILL. She addresses a range of subjects in a variety of mediums: a comic take on psychological interpretation of the Lüscher Color Test, the patterns of human behavior, and the mysteries of communications between birds. This show brings the aesthetic experimentations of the artist’s recent installation, GREEN ROOM, into a more intimate context.

GREEN ROOM, exhibited at 1700 L Street in the Fall of 2015, is an installation of hundreds of water samples collected from various sources, arrayed on industrial racks in a vacant downtown storefront. Wolfe’s most ambitious environmental installation to date, the project garnered media attention from all corners, including reviews in The Washington Post, Home Design Magazine, and a video-documentary broadcast on BBC America.  

Image: Julie Wolfe, Contours 6, 2016, ink on archival pigment print on rag paper, 10" x 8"