William Christenberry, Exhibition – VIDEO

Created in conjunction with the William Christenberry exhibition at HEMPHILL, this video surveys the three sculptures featured in the show; "Night Spot," "Roadside Tableaux," and "Southern Monument XXII."

William Christenberry (American, 1936 – 2016) possessed a remarkable ability to speak through a diversity of mediums. His initial fame was ignited by the attention attracted by his photographs. As his career progressed, the number of works in different mediums increased. Each piece played a part in an increasingly complex oeuvre. The cross-referencing and dialogue between works in different mediums push viewers to ask probing questions about place, heritage, and identity.

On view from November 10 – December 19 is an exhibition of three Christenberry sculptures and related photographs and works on paper. Each sculpture presents a distinctly different dramatic vision. The earliest sculpture in the show, "Roadside Tableaux," is a semi-abstraction calling to mind a lonely rural school bus stop. "Night Spot," a thoroughly representational sculpture, speaks of the nobility of a humble juke joint. "Southern Monument XXIII," constructed from decaying remnants of the southern landscape, is a monument to the pathos of passing time. The framed works in the exhibition were selected for the subject matter and visual relationships to the three sculptures.

Artist: William Christenberry
Copyright: HEMPHILL Artworks
Photography & Video Editing: Hannah Davis  
Music: As I Am - composed and performed by Kate Amrine on flugelhorn Elegy - composed by Jessica Rudman, performed by Kate Amrine on trumpet
Both pieces are featured on Kate's first album As I Am
For more information about the composers please visit https://www.jessicarudman.com/ and https://www.kateamrine.com/
Photo by Jerry Siegel (jerry@jerrysiegel.com)

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