Pete Voelker | Time Elapsed Time Remaining Book Event

Please join us in the gallery for a Book Event to celebrate Pete Voelker's newest launch, Time Elapsed Time Remaining.

Pete Voelker is a photographer and the founder of SPOTZ, a publishing project founded in New York, NY in 2019. Community is central to his mission, and many of the publications are focused on collaboration to create books, artists’ portfolios, and zines. Through these projects, Voelker has edited and published more than 400 photographers from 25+ countries across more than 30 titles. In addition to his work with SPOTZ, Pete has exhibited his own photography in the US and Europe and has been published in VICE and VICE News, Interview Magazine, Dazed and Confused, and Vogue.

Time Elapsed Time Remaining is a Limited Edition book featuring photographs taken by the artist over the course of multiple trips to the border of EU and Russia.

I hope that my art can serve as a reminder that the beauty of diversity and multiculturalism is something to be celebrated, not feared or destroyed. Being proud of your traditions and where you are from is not the same as using national pride as an excuse to oppress. Time and again, unchecked strongmen have laid to ruin the hard work of so many... The photographs in this portfolio represent the strength of cooperation in an accessible Europe. They depict a beautiful and historic borderland that continues to play a major role in geopolitical conflict. The integrity of these lands and the safety of its inhabitants rely on unity and the pursuit of democracy.

~Pete Voelker

There will be a limited number of books available for purchase at the event on June 29, 2023.

Click here to preorder Time Elapsed Time Remaining.