OTHO D. BRANSON: Paintings & TIM DOUD: Prolepsis Reviewed in The Washington Post

Current exhibitions, OTHO D. BRANSON: Paintings and TIM DOUD: Prolepsis, are reviewed by Mark Jenkins in The Washington Post SUNDAY ARTS section on December 18, 2022.

You are what you wear, so in a sense Doud’s recent paintings are also portraits. Having combined renderings of dozens of fabric scraps, the artist thought of the way societies are sewn together. Such painting “becomes representative of a population, a ‘we the people,’” the gallery’s statement proposes. Doud weaves a whole world from simple, everyday adornments.

Process and progress are meticulously charted in the Otho D. Branson pattern pictures also on exhibit at Hemphill. Branson’s “Paintings and Works on Paper” consists of orderly grids of straight-edged, solid-color bands or blocks, every one titled after a day from 2006 to 2021. Most of the tablecloth-like plaids were made with acrylic paint on Masonite panels, although some employ both acrylic and graphite and are on paper.