Linling Lu, Exhibition - VIDEO

Enjoy a behind the scenes look into the making of Linling Lu's 2020 exhibition at HEMPHILL, from the schematics and paint mixing to the final installation. 

"My work is nurtured by my Chinese heritage but is also inspired by many artists from all over the world. The work has become more universal vs. from a single perspective. I envision it being accompanied by drum-heavy music because the music is very abstract and the instrument is circular; without looking at the performance, there are many similarities to drum pieces from Africa, Native America and West Asia - it is a universal instrument and universal music.” - Linling Lu, 2020 

Artist: Linling Lu
Copyright: HEMPHILL Artworks and Linling Lu 
Photography: Linling Lu, Xiaoming Lu, Olivia Zvara, Mary Early, George Hemphill 
Music: Dawn of Man, by Quincas Moreira