Julie Wolfe

We will take any excuse to spend an afternoon in the wonderland that is Julie Wolfe’s home. Between the vintage Paramount movie props and the pieces from her Grandmother’s art collection, Wolfe’s art peeks out tantalizingly from the corners. In one room, her new series of rorschach pieces is laid out, in another, the table is covered with photos of eyes.

The last time we caught up with Wolfe, she was in the middle of her Katzen exhibition and those themes of patterns and communication are still very much alive in her current work. Jumping back and forth between the past and the present, we talked about her recently published work, her travel plans and her feelings about her jewelry versus her art over a bowl of perfectly ripe summer cherries. It was the best possible way to spend the day.

Julie Wolfe’s next exhibition Under Their Gaze, We Become Creatures will open at Hemphill Fine Arts September 14 – November 16.