35 Days

As the eponymous art dealer and curator of Hemphill Fine Arts, George Hemphill traffics in artistic variety, never getting into a rut of a particular medium or aesthetic. If he has an area of focus, of late it’s been elevating artists connected to D.C., particularly those of the Washington Color School, and this is the glue joining most of the artists in the gallery’s latest show, 35 Days. Aside from the commonality of either living or having been educated in the D.C. area, the artistic approaches and techniques are wide-ranging. Alongside several Color School luminaries (among them Sam Gilliam and Thomas Downing), the show features some of their contemporary artistic “descendants” like James Huckenpahler and Linling Lu. This isn’t just a Color School roundup, however: The show includes artists deploying color to completely different ends, like the trippy pattern-based work of Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi, as well as some varying landscape photography artists like Anne Rowland and William Christenberry. All in all, it represents an exciting diaspora of both historic and current District artists.