Syth Series 005: Reverb

July 8-September 3, 2016

SYNTH SERIES 005: REVERB consists of radiating lines of multi-colored string revolving around a center point and extending across space to create a processional visual experience. Viewers are invited to circumnavigate the space, either voyeuristically from the street or by entering the space and engaging in exploration.

We strive to temporarily alter the perception of public space through establishing rhythm, movement, transparency, and ephemerality. We aim to create engaging, occupiable, and flexible spaces that allow viewers to create their own experiences.”

TOKI is a collaborative group formed by two up-and-coming architects, Toluwalase Rufai and Khai Grubbs. Since 2015, the duo has sought out underutilized or abandoned
spaces as sites for temporary installations with the goal of creating a dialogue between sight, sound, architecture, and the viewer.